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JONDO was developed around the technology embedded in the AmplifEYE lens. Developed by Michael De Jongh and Pieter Naude, who harnessed and combined their powers of expertise and passion in their individual fields, to develop a world class lens.

This fusion of passion and technical expertise is how amplifEYE technology was born. In 2018 the patented lens technology, won an award for innovation in the optical industry.

JONDO isn’t just another pair of sunglasses with a big marketing budget. The product sells because it works. Our best marketing is the people that wear it, from multiple world top 100 PGA golf pros, all the way down to weekend hackers.

From the moment you start using JONDO, you will experience the effect of the high contrast that will assist with reducing glare, improve depth judgement, while providing a soothing sensation on the eyes. It is almost addictive. From the fairways of Augusta to the local course in the one-horse town, the world just looks stunning.

Each JONDO frame is custom-fitted with these high contrast lenses, which are not mass-produced and hence will never be the pair of sunglasses found around each and every corner. The frames are designed to be lightweight yet durable. Comfort is a huge focus for us, and we aim to provide something that can be used comfortably for the entire day.
We stand amazed at how well the product has been received since its inception in the market in 2020.

All we can say is that your game will be AMPLIFIED….

Why is amplifEYE unique?

Through advanced spectral filtration, amplifEYE lenses selectively enhance colours, for a more vibrant and saturated view of the world. By adjusting individual wave lengths, amplifEYE heightens visual acuity for an array of outdoor activities. Choos the lens that fits your lifestyle needs for optimized vision and improved performance.

Features & Technology

AmplifEYE lenses are designed and tested under extreme high mass and high velocity circumstances, to ensure uncompromising protection across a wide range of demanding conditions. The effect is a higher contrast in poor and good lighting conditions. AmplifEYE out performs any polarised or traditionally fixed tint lens.

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